John Wall spins, scores, reminds us of his talent (VIDEO)

The Washington Wizards have been really, really bad this season, currently holding the second-worst record in the NBA at 14-44. A big reason for that record, apart from organization-wide dysfunction, has been the stagnant growth — some might even say regression — of point guard and franchise centerpiece John Wall. When he was drafted first-overall in 2009, Wall was expected to reshape the Wizards. That hasn't happened, obviously, and there are many doubting just how good he can be.

Those are legitimate concerns, but it's also worth remembering that Wall has the sort of natural talent that doesn't come along in point guards very often. For proof, check out this spin move from Tuesday night's game against the Orlando Magic. Wall spins at the three-point line and somehow manages to finish at the rim without dribbling. It's a burst of quickness and explosion, the sort of thing that made Wall such a great prospect two years ago. And, to make it even better, Washington won the game.

Wall has had a disappointing season by pretty much any measure: his astronomical turnover rate and awful 8.1 percent shooting from three-point range are bad for any age. But watching Wall is liable to make anyone believe in him a little more. He's incredibly dynamic in the open court and produces enough amazing plays per game to convince of his long-term value.

He's also a work-in-progress, though, and there are many things he can improve upon. In order to realize his potential, he might need to be seen less as the franchise-changing talent the Wizards want him to be and more like a very good player who can be part of a successful rebuilding project. Not everyone can be Derrick Rose. Becoming a top-flight NBA point guard takes time, patience, and a lot of help.