John Wall explains why he and Gilbert Arenas became good friends as teammates

Chase Hughes
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Wall explains why he and Arenas became friends as teammates originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Some stories have surfaced in recent months about how well John Wall and Gilbert Arenas got along during their brief time as teammates with the Wizards in the 2010-11 season. For example, how Arenas had a hand in Wall's decision to do 'The Dougie' before his NBA debut. There was another time when Arenas gifted Wall thousands of dollars worth of designer shoes.

Well, before they hit it off, Wall was unsure about how their dynamic would play out. Arenas was a fallen star and Wall was drafted to take his place as the face of the franchise. 

Arenas could have been cold to him, but he was nothing close to that as Wall explained on the 'No Chill' show set to air on Fubo TV on Monday night.

"I didn't know what the hell to expect," Wall said. "Most of the times you go into that situation like 'damn.' He could have been an a--hole... He could have been like 'sit your a-- over there, this is my team.' He didn't do that."

Arenas explained how he knew his role with Wall coming in as a highly-touted prospect. His best days were behind him and he had already come to accept that.

"I gave that s--- up. 'Hey bro: this is your team, here's the keys.' Don't worry about me," Arenas said. "You're the future. I'm just waiting around until they move me and see what they're going to do. We're not even going to sit here and to this battle of young vs. the old."

Arenas went on to detail how he knew he wasn't going to win any competition between the two. Even if he outdid Wall in practice, the investment the team had made in him was too much to overcome.

"I can't beat this," Arenas said.

So, instead of being Wall's nemesis, he became his friend. And it sounds like it was an entertaining locker room to be a part of.

"We had a great time," Wall said. "We weren't winning for s---, but we were having fun."

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