John Wall will cross you over, whether you’re playing basketball or not

Want to stay in shape during the NBA lockout, whether you play pro ball or not? John Wall suggests you just cross people over. At a court, in a gym, or in a crosswalk. Just break some ankles, kids.

He's not kidding. In an interview with ESPN High School, Wall detailed some of his workout tips, which includes checking fools on the high street:

"I know it sounds a little crazy, but I'll just be walking down the street and, out of nowhere, I'll hit someone with an in-and-out move without having a ball. I scare them because they don't know what in the world I'm doing, but I think this game through so much that it just comes out anywhere.

I only work on the moves that I would do in a game though. I had one man tell me that I better not do that again because he got scared when I did a quick crossover in front of him when I was walking down the street. It ends up being pretty funny."

It does end up being pretty funny, because I've seen it in person. It's actually pretty awesome.

You see, my brother is a bit of a cut-up. A smart-aleck. A wise guy. A sidewalk crossover artist. He's been doing it for years, and not just to unsuspecting little old ladies. And he doesn't just play one side of the ball, because the punk got in trouble back in his high school days for yelling a Madison Square Garden-styled chant of "DEE-FENSE" before knocking books or possibly even food out of the hands of otherwise unaware students that weren't even flush with the knowledge that they were playing offense.

Seriously, you should try it. Pro tip, John Wall.

(Hat tip, Pro Basketball Talk.)

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