John Travolta still does one of the best Nicolas Cage impressions

John Travolta got into a “Travolt/Off” during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Thursday night. The two-time Oscar nominated actor competed against Fallon as they explore some of the more memorable characters from Travolta’s catalogue.

During the game Travolta reprised the roles of Welcome Back, Kotter’s Vinnie Barbarino and Grease’s Danny Zuko. But his best performance came when he reprised the role of Castor Troy from Face/Off.

Technically, Nicolas Cage played Castor Troy, but because he traded faces with Travolta’s character Sean Archer, Travolta ended up performing as Cage playing Troy. Confused? Then you need to watch this watch this awesome 1997 blockbuster.

Throughout the game, Fallon did his best to compete with Travolta. Unfortunately for Fallon, his Vincent Vega impression from Pulp Fiction, and his Tony Manero impression from Saturday Night Fever, were no match against the real Travolta.

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