John Oliver teaches Trump a lesson on Nazis, Colin Kaepernick and coal

Last Night Now

On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, the host showed his audience commercials starring "The Catheter Cowboy" that he plans to air on Donald Trump's favorite show Fox and Friends to give the president some essential knowledge. The Catheter Cowboy has been used to school Trump before, but with this season finale of Last Week Tonight, Oliver felt like it would be best to air commercials for Trump during their break. The Cowboy gave Trump plenty of useful knowledge, including showing a picture of Colin Kaepernick while kneeling during a game saying, "Here's a fun fact. There's actually no federal law against this, thanks to something called the first amendment."

Oliver felt like The Catheter Cowboy also needed to give Trump a little Coal 101 saying, "'Clean coal' is a marketing term the coal industry came up with for stuff like carbon capture and sequestration, an expensive process that's shown limited results, at best. Also Frederick Douglass is dead. More tomorrow."

The Catheter Cowboy also tried to teach Trump a thing or two about Nazis, saying, "Buddy, this can't be that hard. Nazis bad."

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