John Oliver reveals the interesting gift Wendy Williams sent him

Late-night host John Oliver made a virtual appearance on The Wendy Williams Show after declaring himself a fan on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver—and showed off a surprising gift from Williams. Last week, Oliver told viewers that he’s become a Wendy-watcher while in self-isolation, calling her show “an oasis of truth in a world full of lies.” For the Tuesday appearance, during which Williams and Oliver wore matching tracksuits, Williams asked the comedian whether he had received the gift she sent him. “I did,” replied Oliver. “And let me say this before I show your viewers what you sent—you know how to gift because I was not expecting this.” “Brace yourself,” he warned viewers. Oliver then revealed that Williams sent him an oversized painting of herself eating a lamb chop, a joke that referenced William eating during her talk show. “It’s a very big painting of you about to go to town on a lamb chop,” he said. “I love my food!” answered Williams. Oliver also shared that Williams sent him a snack for him to try: Doritos with caviar. Tasting it for the first time on-air, Oliver described it as “a lot.”