John Mara: There are times when I wish Brian Daboll would tone it down

Giants co-owner John Mara admits he sometimes wishes head coach Brian Daboll would alter his demeanor.

“There are times when I wish he would tone it down a little bit,” Mara said, via Darryl Slater of “But I’m also in the team meetings, and I see how he acts around his coaches in the office. And he always maintains his cool there. Does he get excitable during the games sometimes? Yeah. So do I. But I don’t think it’s a major issue. I don’t think it affects the culture that we have in the building at all. I still very firmly believe that Brian is the right guy for us going forward. I want him to be himself at the end of the day. If I get to the point where I think he’s acting irrationally and it’s affecting his performance, I certainly would have a word with him. I have not seen that.”

Daboll was the NFL's coach of the year in 2022 when he led the Giants to a surprise playoff berth, but in 2023 the Giants never recovered after a disastrous start and finished 6-11 on the season season.

“Certainly, last season was a huge disappointment to me, especially coming off a playoff year,” Mara said. “But I still believe we’re headed in the right direction. Obviously, until we start winning games, not everyone is going to buy into that. But I happen to believe it.”

A coach's demeanor is something an owner can tolerate when he's in the playoffs. Not when he's 6-11.