John Lynch on Nick Bosa holdout: "I don't like the situation"

49ers defensive end Nick Bosa is holding out of training camp, unhappy with his rookie contract, which pays him $17.859 million this season. General Manager John Lynch isn't thrilled about that.

Lynch said today this isn't something he's encountered during his time in San Francisco and it isn't something he wants to go on any longer.

"I don't like the situation," Lynch said. "Since our tenure here we haven't had a holdout anywhere towards this magnitude. Not something I'm comfortable with. We're working really hard to change that . . . eager to bring this thing to a close."

If Lynch and the 49ers want to play hardball, eventually Bosa would almost certainly show up and play because he can't accrue a season toward free agency if he doesn't. But the 49ers don't want it to come to that point, as they want him on the field for Week One.

If Bosa does hold out into the regular season, he'll lose $992,000 for every game he misses.