John Harbaugh on NFL's new taunting rules: 'I agree with the idea. Sportsmanship is very important'

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh believes the NFL is doing the right thing by cracking down on taunting. Harbaugh came out in support of the new taunting rule Wednesday, saying he wants NFL players to be good role models for kids.

Harbaugh added that he believes the NFL is "out in front" on the issue.

Harbaugh's full answer read:

"Well, I haven't personally looked at any of the calls so far. I agree with the idea. Sportsmanship is very important. The way we treat one another is very important. I think the NFL is out in front in so many ways. We're high profile. Kids watch us all the time. So the way we treat one another on the field is very important. It's about respect. Respecting one another out there. How it gets interpreted from game to game, I think that's something you gotta work through. But it's basically about respect and respecting one another and sportsmanship."

There have been 10 penalties for taunting over the first two weeks of the 2021 NFL season. Harbaugh's Ravens were flagged once for violating the rule. The Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers have each received two penalties for taunting. They are the only teams to be flagged more than one time so far.

Ozzie Newsome on NFL's competition committee

Harbaugh's comments echo what Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera said about the issue Tuesday. Rivera — who is a member of the NFL competition committee — also came out in support of the new rules against taunting.

Harbaugh is not a member of the competition committee, but the Ravens do have a say in what rules get introduced every season. Former Ravens general manager — and current team executive — Ozzie Newsome is one of the 10 men on the competition committee.

John Harbaugh with the Ravens.
John Harbaugh supports the crackdown on taunting. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)