John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson's sideline conversation is everything Ravens fans need to see

Ethan Cadeaux
NBC Sports Washington

At some point towards the end of the Ravens 49-13 blowout victory over the Bengals, Baltimore's head coach John Harbaugh walked over to his second-year quarterback sitting on the bench. 

Lamar Jackson had been replaced by backup Robert Griffin III after turning in arguably his best performance of the season. The QB finished 15-of-17 for 233 yards and three touchdowns while adding 65 yards and a video-game-like touchdown with his legs. Harbaugh went over to congratulate the potential MVP on a great performance.

But what started as Harbaugh telling Jackson he was proud of his leadership turned into a conversation between the two that will make any Ravens fan's eyes start to water.

"Most quarterbacks worry about their stats, but you're a leader," Harbaugh told Jackson. "I love the way you play. You don't flinch, you just attack. All you do is attack."

"It's all I know," Jackson responded.

"You changed the game, man," Harbaugh said.

"And we're going to keep it going," Jackson said.

Then Harbaugh delivered the kicker, a heartfelt message that put everything in perspective for the 22-year-old QB.

"Do you know how many little kids in this country are going to be wearing No. 8 playing quarterback for the next 20 years?" Harbaugh asked.

Jackson was thrilled by the praise but reminded his head coach where his priority currently lies.

"I can't wait to see it when I get older," Jackson said. "But right now, I gotta get to the Super Bowl."

The victory put the Ravens at 7-2 and just one game behind the New England Patriots for the top spot in the AFC. If Jackson continues to perform like this, Baltimore has as good of a shot as anyone to take home the Lombardi Trophy in February.


John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson's sideline conversation is everything Ravens fans need to see originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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