John Daly autographs woman's butt near Augusta Hooters before Masters because John Daly

In a tradition unlike any other, John Daly has parked his RV at an Augusta, Georgia, Hooters parking lot to celebrate the Masters.

The irreverent two-time major winner who will not be competing this week has set up shop with his RV a few blocks away from Augusta National for several years running, signing autographs, hawking goods and telling stories to golf fans in town for the Masters.

Daly makes fan’s day

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This year is no different, and one lucky fan took advantage by having Daly autograph her bare butt.

Daly, clearly proud of his handiwork, posted the image on Instagram Tuesday of the excited fan showing off her Sharpie ink complete with the Augusta National logo.

"All I can say is ....I love my life!" Daly wrote.

It’s a joyous occasion for all parties, and nice to see that Daly’s having a better week than he did last year, when a driver slammed her car into his RV.

Enjoy Masters week, everyone.

John Daly made a fan's day outside an Augusta Hooters. (AP)
John Daly made a fan's day outside an Augusta Hooters. (AP)

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