John Cena’s butt is a modern marvel, according to Leslie Mann

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Leslie Mann visited Late Night With Seth Meyers and couldn’t help but expand on a long, strange detail about John Cena’s naked butt on the set of her new movie Blockers. In the film, there is a scene in which Cena’s character challenges a younger man to a butt-chugging competition at a party.

Here is that scene from the film’s trailer.

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To shoot the scene, John Cena spent hours bent over with a naked butt. Mann told Seth Meyers that she tried to cover his bare bottom from view, but Cena didn’t care. She admitted: “He had nothing covering his butt. So I, you know, just a quick sneak peek.”

Then she launched into a description of Cena’s butt, trying to convey that it was so muscular that she couldn’t see much besides his cheeks.

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