Joey Meneses could be a fantasy power source

Despite the small sample size, Chris Crawford examines how Joey Meneses can provide a boost in power for fantasy managers after posting a .400 average over his first 38 plate appearances for Washington.

Video Transcript

CHRIS CRAWFORD: You would be more than forgiven if you've never heard of Joey Meneses. This is a player that had put up solid numbers in the minors, but hadn't played in an MLB organization since the 2018 season before signing a minor league contract for the Red Sox for 2021, and signing without fanfare to a Minor League deal in 2022 by the Nationals. After posting an 830 ops with 20 homers in Triple A Rochester, the 30-year-old was called up by the Nats, and he's made quite the impact in his first 38 plate appearances.

After homering against the Padres on Saturday and going 2 for 4 on Sunday, Meneses is hitting 400 447, 829, with five homers and 7 RBI. Now, no one should expect him to be an 81 homer pace player for the rest of the year. But there are some reasons to be optimistic about the right handed hitter.

Yes, the sample is small, but he's earned his result, for the most part anyway, with an expected slugging percentage of 711 and an expected weighted on base average of 547 and a solid hard hit percentage of 46%. This could all come crashing down. But if you need help in the power category, Meneses is widely available, and the worst thing that happens is you put him back on the waiver wire.