Joey Gallo visited his bat supplier. The trip may give the Texas Rangers star a boost.

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Jeff Wilson
·2 min read
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A good craftsman never blames his tools, the saying goes.

But when his tools need an upgrades, he goes out and finds new ones.

The Texas Rangers believe that Joey Gallo, despite his 2020 numbers, is good at baseball, and he is always open to new ways to improve.

Hence his offseason trip to Marucci Sports headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the designers of his bats suggested some new lumber to help.

Gallo wasn’t blaming his bats for his struggles in 2020. He was open to getting better and learned something in the process.

“They have a lab down there, where it tells you what bat weight you should be swinging, what models you swing the best, how the ball is jumping off the bat on certain different types of models and different wood,” Gallo said.

“So for me, I have usually used a top-heavier bat. And then Marruci told me that if I distributed the weight a little bit more, made it a little more balanced and had more weight down by the handle, I swung the bat a little bit better and my hands were quicker.”

The bats are en route to the Surprise Recreation Campus for Gallo to test in Cactus League games before he decides if he wants them for the April 1 season opener at Kansas City.

“I’m excited to kind of use them and see if there’s a difference in that for my swing and how I feel,” he said.

Gallo has been in Arizona for more than a week, dodging the deep freeze in Texas. He said he has found the right rhythm in his swing earlier than in past springs, and that he is standing more upright at the plate to generate more power.

Manager Chris Woodward continues to believe that Gallo can be one of the game’s best offensive players if he can find the consistency he had in 2019 but was lacking last season.

“He’s all-in,” Woodward said. “He’s good at swinging at good pitches. Now, we’ve just got to get him to put the ball in play more often. If he does that, look out.”