Joey Bart's advice to Trey Lance, James Wiseman as top draft picks

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Bart offers sound advice to 49ers' Lance, Warriors' Wiseman originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Each of the San Francisco Giants, 49ers and Golden State Warriors have highly-drafted players filling important roles on each of their respective teams.

Second-year quarterback Trey Lance now will be the 49ers' starter under center. Third-year center James Wiseman is expected to play a significant role as the Warriors' big man this upcoming season, and rookie catcher Joey Bart is looking to fill Buster Posey's shoes as the Giants' leader behind the plate.

Bart, the oldest of the three young players, joined KNBR 680's Papa & Lund on Friday morning, where he was asked if there was any advice he would have for fellow top draft picks Lance and Wiseman, who soon will be navigating their first full season in prominent roles for their respective teams.

"To be honest with you, I don't really let it affect me," Bart said of the constant pressure and scrutiny of being a high draft pick. "For the most part, I stay off social media, I stay out of the way. There's always going to be people that are going to say a lot of negative things to you and are going to wish you and your family a lot of bad and evil things, that's just part of the business.

"All of us go through it. Just being consistent every day and realizing that you've worked and got to this position -- with help, obviously -- but no one's gone under center for Trey Lance, his whole career has been made because of him. [James] Wiseman, nobody is out there helping him out, he has to work for everything he has. And everything any player has succeeded at or overcomes is based on what they have done."

Bart, himself, still is adjusting to the bright lights as a starter with the Giants. After a very disappointing start to the 2022 season, the young catcher was sent back down to Triple-A to work on some adjustments at the plate. Since he arrived back in the majors on July 6, Bart has been red-hot and, at times, has carried the Giants' offense.

Bart's advice to Lance and Wiseman would be to block out the noise -- both good and bad -- and enjoy the fruits of their own labor.

"Just remember that, don't look too far out, remember what you've done and why you're there for a reason and let it soak in and enjoy it," Bart added. "Crazy fans and people wishing you bad things should have no play or no real meaning to you. We don't know who these people are, we don't know why they say the things they say, but at the end of the day, it's just you and be yourself and enjoy the game.

"That's something I would say, just don't get caught up in what people talk about, what they say during good and bad times. Don't get caught up with people praising you so well during the good times, you can't take too high or too low in this game or any of the other games, because it's just tough."

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Bart still has a ways to go before reaching what he and the Giants believe is his true potential. However, it has become clear that the Georgia Tech product has a new swagger about him and is exuding confidence at the plate, which has been paramount in his second-half turnaround this season.

As a young player who already has experienced the lowest of lows and some of the highs that come with being a high draft pick starting at the highest level, Bart's journey can serve as inspiration for both Lance and Wiseman, who certainly will experience adversity in their upcoming seasons.

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