Joel Embiid wins 2023 NBA MVP, Philly fans in full celebration mode

Embiid finally wins MVP and Philly fans are in full celebration mode originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

It happened. It *finally* happened.

Let it be known that on May 2, 2023, Joel Embiid was named the league's MVP. To write that out for the first time is truly surreal.

While it seemed to be unanimous at the conclusion of the regular season, you never know how things are going to pan out.

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Well, now we do.

Joel Embiid is the Most Valuable Player of the National Basketball Association. 

This shouldn't come as surprise, though. 2022-23 marked his second consecutive scoring title, averaging 33.1 points per game. Combine that with an average of 10.2 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 1.7 blocks?

Complete dominance.

This has been a long time coming and Philly fans are in full celebration mode:

And if you happen to hate the big guy (probably because he's playing against your team, rather than for it), you at least have to respect him.


Even when no one outside of Philadelphia believed in him, he knew he was meant for greatness.

Way to go, Jojo. Philly loves you.