Joe Rogan mocked for sharing fake news report about Steven Seagal joining Russian special forces

Joe Rogan has been mocked for sharing a fake CNN report claiming that Steven Seagal has joined Russian special forces stationed near Kyiv.

On Monday (28 February), the 54-year-old podcaster posted a forged screenshot of a news report that depicts Seagal wearing the special force’s uniform with a gun in his hand.

“Intelligence agencies around the world have spotted American actor Steven Seagal among Russian special forces positioned around the outskirts of Gostomel airfield near Kyiv captured by Russian airborne troops,” the fake news report states.

In his own caption of the post, Rogan wrote: “If I had to guess the plot of this f***** up movie we’re living through I would say we are about 14 hours from the arrival of the aliens.”

Russia invaded Ukraine last week, prompting condemnation and sanctions from global leaders.

On social media, Rogan was criticised posting “memes” during such a “severe” situation.

Tank Sinatra, who has nearly three million followers on Instagram, wrote: “This is obviously photoshopped though. I may be a beluga whale but I do make memes for a living so I like to think I can detect a meme with my sonar.”

 (Joe Rogan/ Instagram)
(Joe Rogan/ Instagram)

Another person commented: “I’m waiting for the fact check banners on posts like this.”

Another person added: “I had to Google to make sure this wasn’t real. This world is bonkers.”

“I am so ashamed of you Joe Rogan,” wrote an angry fan. “You go on and post about alien invasions and living in movies, but when actual tragedy starts with real people dying you are silent.”

They added: “When a real monster needs to be stopped, you do nothing. Is it because you actually are not so ‘objective’ and ‘curious’, but you are definitely brainwashed for good. Speak up! Condemn atrocities! You have a huge platform. Act like a leader and stop posting irrelevant stuff making it all look like a joke. It’s not.”

Another person wrote: “Joe Rogan sharing misinformation while taking 70 episodes of his own show down.”

The Independent has contacted Rogan’s representative for comment.

On Sunday (27 February), Vladimir Putin placed Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces on high alert, citing aggressive statements by Nato leaders and economic sanctions against Moscow.

The day after, Belarus announced it will host the first peace talks between Ukrainian and Russian delegations at its border.

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