Joe Panik finally got some help after carrying the Giants entire offense in 2018

The San Francisco Giants were testing out a bold, new strategy in throughout the first four-and-a-half games of 2018. They were going to let second baseman Joe Panik be their entire offense.

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You might think we’re joking, but until Tuesday, the evidence spoke for itself. The Giants’ first three runs of the season all came on solo home runs by Panik.

That checks out. On opening day, Panik hit a solo home run off Clayton Kershaw to give the Giants a 1-0 win. The following day, Panik belted a solo shot off Kenley Jansen to once again give the Giants a 1-0 win.

During the next two games, Panik remained productive, but failed to hit any home runs. The Giants were shut out both times.

In Game 5, he was at it again. With the Giants trailing 4-0 in the bottom of the fourth, Panik belted a … you guessed it … solo home run against Seattle Mariners starter Marco Gonzales.

Allowing Panik to continue counting for 100 percent of the team’s offense seems unwise. Panik isn’t exactly a big-time home run hitter. His career-high in a single season is just 10. Through five games, he’s already 30 percent of the way to reaching that figure.

Thankfully for Panik, his teammates finally got the memo. Evan Longoria belted a two-run shot of his own in the seventh inning of Tuesday’s game, ending the reliance on Panik’s new-found pop.

That’s a good thing. The Giants tried to shore up their offense this winter with deals for Longoria and Andrew McCutchen. Between those guys and Buster Posey, the team should start getting it together at the plate soon.

We’re not sure who’s more relieved about that, Giants fans or Panik. His back was probably getting tired after carrying the entire offense on it to kick off the season.

Joe Panik just keeps hitting home runs. (AP Photo)
Joe Panik just keeps hitting home runs. (AP Photo)

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