Joe Montana denies wrongdoing in college admissions scandal

Michael David Smith

One of the many rich and powerful people whose names have surfaced in an ongoing college admissions scandal is Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana. But Montana insists he did nothing wrong, and his kids got into the colleges of their choice based on merit alone.

William Singer, an admissions counselor who has pleaded guilty to four charges in connection with helping students gain fraudulent admission into college, named Montana as a client. On Thursday evening Montana, who has not been accused of a crime, issued a statement saying Singer didn’t engage in any improper actions on behalf of his kids.

“Mr. Singer’s company provided nothing more than minimal consulting services to our family, like so many other families, with the college application process,” Montana wrote on Twitter. “Fortunately our kids were able to pick from a number of schools to attend due to their hard work and their merit. Thanks.”

Montana has two sons, both of whom played college football, and two daughters.

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