Joe Judge explains why Giants' unorthodox O-line deployment is working

Scott Thompson
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Giants T Andrew Thomas blocks Chase Young for Daniel Jones
Giants T Andrew Thomas blocks Chase Young for Daniel Jones

The Giants' offensive line, like the rest of the team lately, has been showing some great progress lately.

In the win against the Washington Football Team, the run game was superb as the line clearly was winning the battle up front of running backs Wayne Gallman and Alfred Morris having holes to run through. Daniel Jones was also pretty clean overall in the pocket. 

A main reason this improvement has been seen is the unorthodox way the line is functioning. You may have noticed the tackle positions being swapped in a rotation throughout the game with rookies Andrew Thomas and Matt Peart as well as Cam Fleming coming in and out depending on snap counts. It's something offensive line coach Marc Colombo and the Giants have been deploying lately and it's paying dividends. 

Why is it working? Naturally, linemen would like to stay in sync with the same group each snap. That's how it usually works. But head coach Joe Judge explained why he believes it might have a good effect thus far.

"We’ve talked about that a lot internally to be honest with you," he told reporters on Monday night. "Part of the reason may be, hey look, it gives our guys a little bit of a breather. Keeps them a little fresher. They got fresher legs out there working with tempo on offense. Guys with a series off here or there gives them a breath a little bit. All three guys are playing, they’re playing well."

But that's not all. It keeps the defense on their toes knowing the same tackle isn't there to rush at.

"Part of it may be it changes a little bit of what the defense can do to attack you," Judge added. "They can’t signal up on what just one guy does or what they’re trying to look [at]. Maybe it alters each drive."

Keeping defense off balance is always the goal for an offense, but this isn't the normal way to do so. But it has shown progress, especially in the rookies.

Thomas has been better after starting off very slow for Big Blue. But it's Peart, the third-round choice out of UConn, that is highly impressive for having the ability to jump in at left and right tackle no matter what.

"That’s very impressive especially for a young guy like Matt. He’s really shown a lot of progress in doing that," Judge said.

"We love Matt the way he works and to be able to be a swing guy as a rookie in this league.”

While it's a great way to get all players involved, it's working for the Giants and they aren't stopping anytime soon.

“The one thing we’ve concluded is whatever the reasons on the other side may be, it’s working for us so we’re going to keep on going over with it.”