Joe Burrow's deal looks even better, given his season-ending injury

A wrist mishap has short-circuited quarterback Joe Burrow's fourth NFL campaign. It's the second time he has suffered a season-ending injury in the month of November.

And it underscores the value of the contract Burrow signed just before the season started.

He has $219 million in injury guarantees. Healthy or not, he'll get that money. Every penny of it. Cold, hard cash.

Is Burrow injury prone? It's too early to say that. However, he has had three significant injuries in four seasons. Torn ACL. Calf. Wrist.

Regardless of whether the injuries continue, Burrow's performances and leadership through his first three seasons did enough to get him insurance against more injuries. To protect him against the Bengals choosing to take it in a different direction, if the injuries continue.

Even if Burrow keeps getting injured from time to time, the Bengals likely will continue to be all in with him. Still, it's very smart that he got the financial protection when he did.

While there's no reason to think his wrist won't completely heal, there's always reason for caution when any portion of a quarterback's moneymaker is impaired. And there's always reason for a quarterback who has proven his abilities to get maximum protection againt injury, when he can.