Joe Burrow’s stunning score on S2 Cognition test comes up again

Recently, The Athletic highlighted the S2 Cognition test while examining whether the breakout for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy was easy to see coming.

And in the process, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow came up as a stunning example of the test’s validity.

As Matt Barrows pointed out, Burrow ranked among the NFL’s best by scoring in the 97th percentile:

“He couldn’t give out Purdy’s exact score because it’s privileged information but said it was in the ‘mid 90s.’ That’s about where Brees, the former Saints quarterback famous for lightning-fast decision-making, scored and where two of the top passers in the league now, the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and the Bills’ Josh Allen, also landed. The Bengals’ Joe Burrow took the test while at LSU and agreed to allow S2 to disclose the information.”

The test isn’t the Wonderlic. Rather, per Barrows, it measures “how quickly and accurately athletes process information.”

That checks out with Burrow, who disclosed his test results, which onlookers can see on the test’s website.

Burrow scored the following:

  • 94% visual learning

  • 97% instinctive learning

  • 97% impulse control

  • 93% improvisation

  • 97% score total

This isn’t a new item (though it might be for some). But it’s still fun to see Burrow pop up in the conversation as an example of the test’s accuracy and the fact he’s up there with names like Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes feels telling.

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