Joe Burrow’s push for two bye weeks starts to gain more steam

Not too long ago, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow made the public appeal for two bye weeks during an NFL season.

Burrow, in response to the inevitable-feeling 18-game season, went as far as suggesting an NBA-styled All-Star break for the league.

That’s an idea that continues to gain steam in the general public.

Case in point, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk recently penned a column about this topic that brought up Burrow’s name while explaining why two byes makes sense:

Now, we have three Sunday windows, Monday night, Thursday night, multiple early-morning Sundays in Europe, an early-season Friday night, three games on Thanksgiving, late-season Saturdays, Wednesday games on Christmas.

The Bengals have ended up as pretty good proof for this because they suffered a rare setback on their 2024 schedule.

Burrow, for getting out in front of this, might become something of an unofficial spokesperson on this topic moving forward, as one of the player faces of the league to speak up on the issue.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire