Joe Buck weighs in on Commanders owner Josh Harris’ viral handshake on MNF

During the second quarter of Monday night’s preseason game between the Washington Commanders and Baltimore Ravens on ESPN, new Washington owner Josh Harris joined Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for an interview.

The interview featured an awkward moment between Buck and Harris. As Buck was talking, gesturing with his hands, his hand was out in a position that looked like he was wanting to shake Harris’ hand.

Harris saw Buck’s hand and quickly shook it. Then, pulls his hand back and puts both hands on his hips. Buck just kept the conversation going.

Aikman, meanwhile, notices the handshake and does his best not to laugh.

The handshake went viral on social media.

Thanks to Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated, Buck and Aikman have now weighed in on the handshake.

“For the record, ANY time a billionaire wants to shake my hand, I’m in,” said Buck per SI. “He’s a great guy. We were at a wedding together last year for a mutual friend, so I knew him a little. There’s a lot of stuff flying around that booth when a game is happening. So he was probably a little nervous. It was a fun interview with a man who has totally changed the feel around an entire organization in a month. Good for him.”

Aikman’s response was as we expected.

“I knew Joe was hand-gesturing, and then I caught Josh shaking his hand,” Aikman said. “I thought it was really funny but tried not to react knowing we were on camera.”

Harris was in the booth during a Washington scoring drive, so he was a little bit excited. Since taking over as owner last month, Harris has done all the right things, mingling with fans, signing autographs, buying them beer, taking pictures and more.

Fans are just happy to see Harris speaking publicly and engaging the fan base after 24 years of Daniel Snyder.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire