Joe Buck Is Raked For Comment On Injured Chargers Player Donald Parham Jr.

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Fox broadcaster Joe Buck warned against speculating on the condition of LA Chargers tight end Donald Parham Jr., who was carted off the field after a head injury on Thursday against the Kansas City Chiefs. Parham reached for a pass in the end zone and came down hard on the back of his helmet.

But Buck couldn’t help himself. He conjectured that Parham, whose arms were visibly shaking as personnel rolled the stretcher off the field, may have been shivering because it was an unusually chilly night in Los Angeles. At least he was “hoping” that was the reason.

The veteran sportscaster, admittedly rattled by the “unnerving” scene, caught flak for a comment that would have been best kept to himself. One CBS affiliate called it “one of the worst calls in sports history.” The Chargers later reported that Parham was in stable condition at a hospital while being evaluated for a head injury.

Buck’s critics broadcast their disapproval on Twitter:

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