Joe Buck to host ‘Manningcast’ of PGA Championship on ESPN

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Joe Buck isn’t waiting for football season to make his debut on ESPN.

As first reported by the N.Y. Post and confirmed by Buck on social media, the former FOX Sports broadcaster will host a “Manningcast” for the PGA Championship, which begins May 19 at Southern Hills in Tulsa, OK.

In a tweet reply to Geoff Shackleford, Buck confirmed his role, saying, “It’s real. Gonna be fun. Larry David is close to committing. It will have that type feel. Very USGA.”

Buck formerly covered the U.S. Open and other USGA championships when Fox outbid NBC for the USGA broadcast rights.

In March, Buck left Fox to join ESPN, where he will serve as play-by-play voice for Monday Night Football, signing a deal reportedly for five years and $75 million.

Peyton and Eli Manning’s alternative broadcast of “MNF” on ESPN2 was a big hit, and Peyton’s company, Omaha Productions, signed a deal with ESPN to create alternative broadcasts on golf, UFC and college football. The golf broadcast at the PGA will be the first spin-off as part of that deal.

ESPN golf analyst Michael Collins, and David Moulton, Aikman’s NFL spotter, who worked with Buck on golf, are expected to be involved in the broadcast too, and “the show will likely emanate from a studio in Buck’s hometown of St. Louis.”

The Buck-cast will air all four days of the PGA Championship, with the first and second round Buck-cast shows beginning on ESPN, while the traditional live golf coverage starts on ESPN+. After an hour, Buck and Collins will move to ESPN2 when the main golf coverage transfers to ESPN.

For the final rounds on Saturday and Sunday, Buck-cast will have an hour on ESPN to start the day, while traditional coverage is again on ESPN+. After the first hour, the Buck-cast will move to ESPN+ with the main crew moving back to ESPN. CBS still will carry the bulk of the weekend coverage.


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