Joe Brady: “I still work like I’m a graduate assistant”

Darin Gantt
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

New Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady joked that he still isn’t quite sure where his new office is, but he’s working on it.

Likewise, the 30-year-old play-caller said he’s going to continue to grind the way he has in lower-profle jobs.

“I might be the offensive coordinator right now but I still work like I’m a graduate assistant,” Brady said.

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He’s not far removed from one, at his age, but he downplayed that in his introductory press conference.

“I’ve never thought about my age or talked about my age,” he said, ignoring the obvious fact it’s the main topic regarding his hiring. “I don’t believe your age determines how good a coach you are.”

Monday night, Brady was helping the most prolific offense in college football win a national title. Hours later, he was leading the charge out of LSU and heading to his new job on coach Matt Rhule’s staff.

He was able to use that quick turnaround to avoid questions about the personnel on hand, specifically about the future of quarterback Cam Newton. He was even limited to platitudes when asked about running back Christian McCaffrey, and that’s a safe topic.

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