Joe Biden's presidential campaign plane used to be Sharks' team jet

Alex Didion
·1 min read

Biden's campaign plane used to be Sharks' team charter jet originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

President-elect Joe Biden flew all over the country during his campaign in a chartered jet, meeting with constituents on his way to defeating incumbent President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

As it turns out, the plane served a much different purpose before it was utilized by Biden's campaign, as the jet served as the Sharks' charter plane.

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The Biden campaign contracted the plane from Northern California-based Kaiser Air, which also presumably works with the Sharks, and the campaign applied its own exterior design.

The Sharks haven't had much use for a team plane since the NHL season came to a pause on March 12 due to the coronavirus pandemic. San Jose was not one of the 24 teams invited to the NHL's expanded, dual-site playoff bubble, and have been in offseason mode ever since.

Biden will be getting access to Air Force One once he is sworn in in January 2021, so perhaps we'll see the Sharks flying around in the plane again once the 2020-21 NHL season gets underway.