Joc Pederson ranks among top-25 outfielders

Drew Silva breaks down how Joc Pederson is able to produce like a top-25 outfielder, despite being a platoon player for the Giants.

Video Transcript

DREW SILVA: The typical drawback with Joc Pederson when it comes to his year to year fantasy outlook is that his career long struggles against left handed pitching will often relegate him to a platoon role. And while he has continued to see very few starts against lefties this season with the Giants, he's done enough overall to rank as a top 25 fantasy outfielder here at the end of May. Pederson sits exactly 23rd among outfielders in standard 5-by-5 fantasy scoring, after going safely outside of the top 60 outfield eligible selections in the average Yahoo draft this spring.

Some natural regression could be coming, but there's also another angle that suggests that what he's doing right now is real and sustainable to at least some degree. Pederson is currently number two on the barrel per plate appearance leaderboard, behind only Aaron Judge. He's making elite level contact and achieving with it elite level results. After all, there are more righties than lefties in this world.