Joakim Noah goes absolutely nuts after scoring a soccer goal in Steve Nash’s charity match (Video)

NBA basketball players, contractually, aren’t really supposed to take part in any sort of offseason sports-related activity. In the decades since Norm Nixon tore up his knee playing a celebrity softball game, teams have made a point to put clauses into contracts that forbid players from gravitating to the sort of flag football or possibly extreme sports that make the summer so much fun.

Soccer, seemingly, would be off this list. There are many ankles to be sprained and knees to be tortured playing the world’s most popular sport, but it’s a relatively low-impact game (at the celebrity charity event level, that is) that wouldn’t seem to endanger any NBA participants.

Unless they celebrate like Joakim Noah did, last month:

That’s a typically Noah-esque run, for the NBA’s most running-est player.

The move happened near the end of one of Steve Nash’s various charity soccer showdowns, pitched on either coast throughout the summer.

Clip via The Basketball Jones, and SB Nation before that.

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