J.J. Watt Sweated Out Beer During His Post-Wedding Workout

Joshua Ocampo
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Photo credit: Wesley Hitt
Photo credit: Wesley Hitt

From Men's Health

Even legendary NFL players can't stave off the throes of a hangover.

Over the weekend, Houston Texans' JJ Watt wedded professional soccer player Kealia Ohai in the Bahamas; fans were in the dark about the nuptials until the couples' friends and family tweeted out photos and videos from the tropical wedding—which apparently included lots and lots of alcohol.

On Monday, two whole days after the wedding, Watt tweeted out a video of Ohai "casually crushing" 300-yard sprints, while Watt said he struggled to keep up, "sweating out straight Guinness" throughout the workout. (Fun fact: Back in 2016, Guinness even brewed a beer exclusively for Watt—99—named after his jersey number.)

Watt has since tweeted out photos from the secret wedding, including an image of him with Ohai on the big day, which must have been taken before alcohol-consumption was in full effect. (Earlier this week, Watt also posted a photo on Instagram with him and his brother, Pittsburgh Steelers' TJ Watt, at the beach before it was revealed that the elder Watt was getting married.)

Meanwhile, Ohai has also taken to social media to post photos of the newly-wedded couple. "The best day of my life," she wrote on Instagram, though it was likely a day that lasted until the wee-hours of the following morning, based on Watt's confession.

Is alcohol becoming the latest pre-workout supplement? Well, we wouldn't condone binge-drinking before a HIIT-class, but a beer after might ruin your day, if you're so inclined.

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