Would JJ Redick pick himself or Larry Bird if his life depended on the shot?

Whatever you think of JJ Redick’s opinions about the players of eras past in the history of the NBA, you can not say that the former shooting guard is inconsistent with his love for data to shape his opinions about the league he used to play in.

On a recent episode of the “Dan Lebatard Show” that the “Old Man and the 3” podcast host made an appearance on, Redick was asked if he would take Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird or himself to make a shot that would decide his fate and the onetime sharpshooting guard leaned on the data to make his call, even if there’s a good chance most of us would rather have our fate in our own hands regardless.

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To see which way Redick went with this challenge, check out the clip embedded below.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire