Jimmy Kimmel invites Michael Jordan around for a game of 'Can Michael Jordan Palm It?' (VIDEO)

Michael Jordan readies for the challenge. (Getty Images)


Michael Jordan readies for the challenge. (Getty Images)

Using an athlete’s physical gifts as a routine’s only source of humor can be tricky and almost dated – think back to the unfortunate “Wilt the Stilt” and “how’s the weather up there”-days – but if worked over properly you can still get some top rank laffs out of a very simple premise.

Like, wondering if Michael Jordan can palm various objects. As Jimmy Kimmel asked the six-time champion, Charlotte Hornet owner, and two-time gold medalist to do on Tuesday evening:

It should be noted that, in the months after Jordan’s final championship season with Chicago in 1998, he badly sliced his right index finger with a cigar cutter, which at times made it tough for him to palm a basketball once he returned to the NBA in 2001. Much less a bowling ball.

Kimmel is a noted David Letterman disciple and friend of the NBA, so the mixture of Letterman-styled silliness and NBA-aligned bits works well here. And it’s quite impressive that the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ producers were able to drag Jordan away from one of the 108 holes of golf he probably played that day.

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