Jimmy Kimmel gets in a good shot on Kobe Bryant taking too many shots (VIDEO)

He’s come a long way since ‘The Man Show’ days, or palling around with Ben Stein, and we rather like Jimmy Kimmel. The host of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ produces a fine product most every night, he goes on record with accurate takes on Jay Leno, and he’s very ballsport-friendly.

He also got in a pretty good dig at Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant when the All-Star appeared on the show on Thursday. Bryant, a day after a remarkable performance in a Laker win over New Orleans, was asked about Dennis Rodman’s curious recent visit to North Korea. Kobe tactfully declined to offer his services as any sort of American diplomat, even in the face of recent saber-rattling by the North Korean government, and Kimmel saw the opportunity to pounce. Watch:

(Jimmy Kimmel was found later that night handcuffed to a rail on a Los Angeles-area helipad, with an inscrutable phrase drawn in marker on his face that was later revealed to be an anagram for “Mamba out.” At least, that’s why I’m guessing.)

Yeah, Kobe’s a bit of a gunner, but the dude will pass the ball to you if you’re good. Maybe not when you’re open, but when you’re good and Bryant’s four pump fakes failed to inspire a defender to leave his feet you’re maybe totally getting that pass. And, also, jokes aside – 5.6 assists per game on the year, tops by far amongst shooting guards.

It's also true that the last person to interview Kobe Bryant on a late night talk show really couldn't stick it to the guy when it came to ball-hogging:

Jimmy Kimmel does not like Jay Leno, though. This is why we’ll give him a pass. So to speak.

Here are parts from the rest of the interview:

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