Jimmy Kimmel's 'Disrespectful' Hugh Hefner Tribute Riles Viewers


Jimmy Kimmel’stribute to Playboy founderHugh Hefneron his show Thursday aroused some viewers ― and not in a good way.Commenters on YouTubecalled the bit “disrespectful” and “not cool.”

Kimmel made a lighthearted joke about Hefner, whodied Wednesdayat age 91, as perhaps being the only person to be  disappointed by heaven. “What’s with all these harps? Let’s get some naked girls in here.”

He jabbed at Hefner’s final resting place beside Marilyn Monroe in a Los Angeles cemetery, instead of under her. And while lauding Hefner’s advocacy of human rights, he zinged, “But mostly he’ll be remembered for the boobs.”

Kimmel ratcheted up the irreverence when he cut to a newscast of a reporter at Hefner’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A Vatican-like smokestack ceremony to announce Hefner’s successor followed, revealing a controversial choice.

Some YouTuberswere not amused.

“Poor taste,” one wrote. “Have some respect for the man who changed the game.”

“Too soon,” commented another.

“Disrespectful not cool Kimmel,” said a third.

Watch above and judge for yourself.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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