Jimmy Johnson: 'It would be miserable' if Jason Garrett coaches the Cowboys next season

The writing is very much on the wall for Jason Garrett.

Take it from someone who’s been there before — Jimmy Johnson.

Barring a stunning deep run into the playoffs, Garrett’s 10-season tenure as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys is done.

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He’ll likely finish the season. But even if the Cowboys back their way into the playoffs by virtue of winning one of the worst divisions in the history of the NFL, they don’t look like a team that can win in the postseason.

Jimmy Johnson predicts misery if Garrett returns

And if they don’t, Johnson believes that “nobody will be happy” if Garrett were to return next season to coach the Cowboys.

“I don’t think so,” Johnson said of Garrett returning to the Cowboys on Sunday in his capacity as a Fox NFL analyst. “I think even if they win the division and even if they’re in the playoffs — I don’t see them winning a playoff game — and I think the negativity in Dallas and around the Cowboys right now, it would be miserable if he continued to be the head coach.

“Nobody would be happy if he continued to be the head coach a year from now.”

Johnson should have a gauge of what Jones is thinking in terms of Garrett. He’s been ousted by Jones before.

Johnson didn’t last in Dallas despite success

Technically, Johnson resigned from his job as the Cowboys’ head coach after the 1993 season. But the decision came amid a power struggle in Dallas — primarily consisting of Jones’ inability to deal with another powerful personality in his organization.

Johnson was a resounding success with Dallas as the architect of a roster that won three Super Bowls and the head coach of two of those teams. Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl in 1995 largely with the roster Johnson built.

But Jones’ insistence of having control outweighed the success Johnson delivered.

Jimmy Johnson predicted mass displeasure in Dallas if Jason Garrett somehow survives to coach another season. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Jimmy Johnson predicted mass displeasure in Dallas if Jason Garrett somehow survives to coach another season. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Garrett the antithesis of Johnson

Seventeen years after Johnson’s departure in Dallas, Jones found the anthesis of Johnson to lead his team — a man who wouldn’t stand up to his controlling ways and delivered consistent mediocrity on the sideline.

That man is Garrett. And after having perhaps the longest coaching leash in the history of the NFL outside of Marvin Lewis, it’s become clear: Johnson is right.

Nobody in Dallas who cares about the Cowboys would be happy to see Garrett return.

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