Jimmy Garoppolo: I can’t dwell on five interceptions in practice

Josh Alper
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo fared better against the Broncos defense in Friday’s joint practice than he did against his own teammates on Wednesday.

Garoppolo was 9-of-14 with an interception during team work in the practice session, which came two days after he was intercepted on five straight throws while working against the 49ers defense. Garoppolo has heard some razzing from those teammates over the last few days, which didn’t seem to be a problem for the quarterback.

He said he’d be concerned if they weren’t using it as fodder for humor and that he can’t afford to let the bad performance linger in his mind as things move forward.

“That day I was pretty ticked off . . . the defense got the best of me,” Garoppolo said, via KNBR. “It was just five bad decisions. The defense got me . . . you can’t dwell on those things.”

Practice is a time for making mistakes and learning from them. The 49ers will be hoping that Garoppolo’s figured out why those decisions were the wrong ones by the time the regular season gets underway.

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