Jimmy Garoppolo had nice payday off Patriots AFC title, and will make more with Super Bowl win

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You might think you’re the New England Patriots’ No. 1 fan, but this postseason that title probably goes to Jimmy Garoppolo. And not just because the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback is rooting for his old teammates.

Proving that Garoppolo can’t lose, he’s making money every time the Patriots win in the playoffs. Garoppolo made a $79,000 bonus when the Patriots won the AFC championship, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Garoppolo will make $112,000 if the Patriots win Super Bowl LII against the Philadelphia Eagles, Schefter reported, and make $56,000 even if they lose. No matter what, this Patriots’ playoff run has been worth six figures to Garoppolo. Not bad.

Of course, a little more than $100,000 will soon be pocket change for Garoppolo. Garoppolo was wonderful down the stretch for the 49ers, after the Patriots traded him in midseason. Garoppolo will be a free agent, and will probably command more than $20 million per season. He was a topic of conversation all week when Tom Brady hurt his hand, as folks with clear 20/20 hindsight wondered why the Patriots traded him. While that was a weird overreaction, whatever success Garoppolo has in the future will always be viewed in the scope of what could have been with the Patriots. Not that New England is worried about that now, as it prepares for its third Super Bowl in four seasons.

More than 100 million people will tune into this year’s Super Bowl. Not many will be rooting harder for the Patriots than Garoppolo, who will have the easiest payday of his life if his old teammates win.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is making money off this Patriots' playoff run. (AP)
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is making money off this Patriots’ playoff run. (AP)

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