Jimmy Garoppolo hits field for rehab work as he gets closer to return

The 49ers had only two players with designations for this week’s game against the Cowboys. They ruled out quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (foot) and cornerback Ambry Thomas (ankle) for Sunday’s divisional round matchup.

Both, though, are getting closer to a return.

Garoppolo is out of his walking boot and returned to the practice field for rehab work on the side this week, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said Friday.

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Garoppolo, who remains on the 53-player roster, has a “better chance” to return for the Super Bowl if the 49ers get there than he does to come back for a possible NFC Championship Game next week.

“I’d be surprised [if Garoppolo was available next week], but I think it depends how on this whole weekend goes and stuff, but think there’s an outside chance,” Shanahan said.

Garoppolo broke his foot during the 49ers’ Week 13 game against the Dolphins.

If the 49ers continue to win, Garoppolo could return to back up rookie Brock Purdy. Josh Johnson, who joined the team after Garoppolo’s injury, currently is the No. 2 quarterback.


He started 10 games this season, and the 49ers went 7-3, as Garoppolo threw 16 touchdowns and four interceptions.

He becomes a free agent this spring and is expected to play elsewhere next season.

Shanahan said Thomas could return next week.

“I think there’s a chance,” he said.

Jimmy Garoppolo hits field for rehab work as he gets closer to return originally appeared on Pro Football Talk