Jimmie Johnson's first non-Lowe's paint scheme has a lot of black and purple going on

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Are you ready to see Jimmie Johnson’s Ally Financial car? Are you prepared for a car that likely is nothing like you are envisioning? Strap in. You may get jolted back in your seat.

Johnson unveiled his new car on “Good Morning America” on Friday morning. Here it is. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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This is what Jimmie Johnson will be driving in 2019. (via Hendrick Motorsports and NASCAR)
This is what Jimmie Johnson will be driving in 2019. (via Hendrick Motorsports and NASCAR)

The Ally logo surrounded in white on the rear quarterpanel looks like a bullseye. The logo on the hood makes you think your eyes can’t focus with the combination of reds and purples and overlaying “ally.” The purple around the front wheel wells also seems unnecessary. And the yellow 48? Well, you’re going to be able to see that from outer space. That’s good for Johnson’s spotter.

“We wanted Jimmie and fans throughout the country to love the car, so we were ecstatic that he took such a hands-on approach to developing a paint scheme that would stand out and his fans would embrace,” Ally chief marketing and PR officer Andrea Brimmer said in a statement. “It’s just another example of why our relationship is such a great match. His values line up with Ally’s approach. We both have high standards and want to make sure we ‘Do it Right’ for our fans and customers.”

If Ally really wanted fans across the country to love the car, they could have, uh, made it a lot simpler. And I’m skeptical about Jimmie Johnson’s input on the car. He can’t be that bad of a designer.

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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