Jimbo Fisher's abandoned Christmas tree made Twitter very happy

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Jimbo Fisher will probably be buying a new Christmas tree. (AP Photo)
Jimbo Fisher will probably be buying a new Christmas tree. (AP Photo)

On Friday, the world officially found out that Jimbo Fisher is leaving Florida State University and heading over to Texas A&M to coach the Aggies. Though reports had been swirling for days, nothing had been officially announced until Friday.

However, if you lived in Tallahassee, you might have been able to figure it out for yourself. Wayne McGahee, a reporter for the Tallahassee Democrat, snapped a picture of the curb while he was outside of Jimbo’s house, shortly before the announcement was made.

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It’s just a Christmas tree on a curb, but it has so much meaning! Fisher is presumably packing up his home to head to Texas as soon as possible, and his Christmas tree was a casualty. At that point, why even release an official statement saying that Fisher is leaving? That tweet is all anyone needs. There’s also so much symbolism in there, too. No Christmas for you, FSU! Christmas is canceled!

On Twitter, this tweet made a normal Friday afternoon feel like actual Christmas. Everyone had a good time with it.

Okay, the world definitely needs an animated Jimbo Fisher Grinch Christmas tree special. Someone has to get on that.

To be fair, if someone is trashing their Christmas tree three weeks before Christmas, it’s a pretty good sign that person is leaving.

These are very important questions! The world demands answers!

Thank you, Jimbo Fisher, for the gift of your curbside Christmas tree. It’s exactly what we all needed.

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