Jim Parsons gushes over marriage, compares it to ‘being close to God’

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The Big Bang Theory star, Jim Parsons, dropped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where he couldn’t help but gush over his husband Todd Spiewak. Even though the two dated for 15 years before being wed, Parsons said their marriage last May has taken their relationship to a new level.

Parsons said, “It was so much more meaningful in the moment to me than I predicted and it's been resonantly more meaningful afterward than I ever saw coming.”

Parsons went on to describe his marriage to Spiewak as, “There is this sense of divinity, to be -- I felt like this, I still feel like this -- to be in love, to find love in that way is as close as anything else I can imagine in doing in life that gives me the feeling of being close to God or whatever that is for you.”

When Parsons struggled to come up for the perfect word to describe the feelings he has when he is with Spiewak, Colbert suggested “love.”

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