Jim Carrey's sweet childhood letter to Carol Burnett finally pays off

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On The Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special, Jim Carrey joined the comedy legend to reminisce on the sweet letter that he sent his hero back when he was only ten years old. "Carol and I actually go way back," he said, "I was ten years old and I really wanted to be on The Carol Burnett Show, because I was a young, aspiring comedian, and I did about 150 voices."

Carrey sent Burnett a letter to tell her just that and to ask her if he could be a regular on the show like Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. "Then I waited, like Jodie Foster in Contact," he said.

The special featured a dramatic reenactment, where we learned little Jimmy did eventually get a reply to his letter but it wasn't quite what he was hoping to hear. "'Unfortunately, at this time we aren't hiring children,'" little Jimmy read, "'Just grown-ups. But stay in school, study hard, and keep watching our show. Yours truly, Carol Burnett.'"

Though Jim may have been carrying a bit of a grudge over the last few decades from the rejection, all was forgiven when she finally hired him.

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