Jim Carrey's latest painting portrays Jared Kushner – and the devil

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You may have noticed Jim Carrey’s paintings getting some media attention this week – both good and bad publicity. Conservatives ripped the actor a new one after he released a portrait of a “so-called Christian.” Though the actor never revealed who inspired the painting, many thought it bared a striking resemblance to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Then there was Carrey’s portrayal of the green-skinned, wicked witch of the west who happens to be wearing a suit similar to President Donald Trump’s personal style. The portrait even included “Putin’s flying monkeys.” Carrey’s latest painting, however, has grabbed attention far beyond the White House and into the depth of Hell. The actor’s portrait contains “666,” the devil’s number, leaving some to believe Carrey is associated with The Church of Satan. He’s not. The organization made that very clear: Turns out, the portrait was not meant to worship the devil, but rather portrays an actual street address in New York City. 666 Fifth Avenue is a 41-story office building in Manhattan owned by Jared Kushner. Twitter was quick to pick up on the reference and, unlike with his other paintings, critics largely appreciated Carrey’s latest piece of art. For the record, Carrey did not respond to The Church of Satan denouncing him as their high priest.

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