Jewelry store employee exposes alleged affair in viral TikTok

Former Pandora Jewelry employee @ferreiroroche took to TikTok to call out a man... . who was allegedly caught buying rings for his girlfriend and his “side piece” at the same time. “If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in [Montreal]. He just bought two rings for ‘his girl and his side piece,’” she claimed in the post. “You deserve better”. Thankfully, @ferreiroroche showed the two rings the alleged cheater bought in her video, so suspicious girlfriends (and mistresses) would know what to look for. In a follow-up post, she said she quit last week and waited until her last shift to put this man on blast. Commenters got pretty fired up. “This girl is doing God’s work,” one user wrote. Others thought it was a serious violation of a customer’s trust. “Breach of privacy. I hope this is a joke, not that Jake is in the right,” a commenter said