Jets won't find a trade partner for Zach Wilson, without eating most of his 2024 compensation

The Jets have given quarterback Zach Wilson permission to seek a trade. It is hardly a "seek and ye shall find" situation.

Unless the Jets will be picking up most of Wilson's fully-guaranteed compensation package for 2024, the Jets will be stuck with him. They'll have to eventually cut him or keep him — and pay him more than $5.4 million in 2024.

Their best-case scenario would be to release him and hope for the offset, if/when he signs a one-year minimum deal with another team.

Really, who would pay him $5.4 million for one year, based on what we've seen through three seasons? He's at best a developmental option at this point, not someone to whom the backup job could be entrusted.

That doesn't mean it's over for Wilson. Maybe he'll turn it around with a fresh start elsewhere. It just means that, currently, no one is going to absorb the final year of his rookie deal. Unless the Jets are willing to give someone else a draft pick to take on the full $5.4 million, no one is going touch that salary.

Wilson has a cap number of $11.1 million for 2025, thanks to the four-year, $35 million deal he signed as the second overall pick in the draft.