Jets sound off on Dolphins shutout: 'We can't f---ing wait until it's the fourth quarter'

Garrett Stepien
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Adam Gase looks at call sheet during Jets game against Dolphins
Adam Gase looks at call sheet during Jets game against Dolphins

Despite a 24-0 loss to the Miami Dolphins that dropped the Jets to a lonely 0-6 as the NFL's only winless team, Adam Gase offered a direct response when he was asked about his job status. 

"I'm not even thinking about it," Gase said. "I have to focus on making sure our guys are ready to go when we get back in the building on Monday and Wednesday and Thursday, Friday, Saturday and getting ready for this next game."

Sunday's shutout against the Dolphins (3-3) at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla., was a season first. The Jets were previously blanked Oct. 21, 2019, in a 33-0 loss to the New England Patriots.

"This locker room -- these guys are good guys that work extremely hard," said Gase, whose offense is averaging an NFL-worst 12.5 points per game through the first six weeks of 2020. "It's frustrating. I mean, when you talk to them on Monday -- these guys, they're hurting. They try to do the right thing. They come in, they work. They do a great job of having high energy at practice, trying to get better.

"I feel like the players are really the ones trying to find a way to flip this thing. I mean. they're taking the lead on this and we've just got to keep grinding and keep trying to find ways to fix those -- especially early -- mistakes to help flip the game."

A second-straight start for veteran quarterback Joe Flacco, in his first year with the Jets as the backup to injured starter Sam Darnold, was a frustrating one. Flacco completed 21 of 44 passes (47.7 percent) for 186 yards and one interception.

"You've got to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what drives you and why you do this and do you love this game," said Flacco, a former Baltimore Ravens (2008-18) and Denver Broncos (2019) starter, who won the Super Bowl XLVII MVP. 

"I mean, that's really all it comes down to. And then you've just got to execute and play better. I mean, listen -- we can play as hard as we want and be as tough as we want and have the right guys. But if we don't play well, we're not going to get it done. But it still starts with keeping your head held high and sticking together as a unit."

Veteran running back Frank Gore, also a first-year member with the Jets, echoed Flacco's sentiments.

Asked about the Jets from a coaching perspective, Gore's focus remained on execution.

"That's not my call, man. I don't know," said Gore, who totaled 70 yards from scrimmage (46 rushing, 24 receiving) on 15 touches (11 rushes, four receptions). "I'm here to try my best when my number gets called, to do what's right for the Jets. Like I said, as a team, we've got to start fast. When we play out there, we've got to make it and ... we can't f---ing wait until it's the fourth quarter to f---ing want to start playing ball, man.

"You can't start late. You can't start slow in this league. When you've got a chance to make the play, we've got to make the play. That goes for me, that goes for everybody on the offense. That goes for the quarterback, running back, receiver. We've all got to make the play when it's there."