Jets reach new heights of unwatchability, badness with embarrassing 31-6 loss to Eagles

It was a bad, bad, bad day for the New York Jets.

They faced the Philadelphia Eagles and lost in every conceivable sense of the word. It wasn’t just the score (they lost 31-6), but everywhere else it counts.

The Eagles held the Jets to just 128 total yards and 61 passing yards. (The Eagles had 265 total yards with 181 passing.) Philly ran all over substitute quarterback Luke Falk, more than tripling its sack total. The Eagles sacked Falk 10 times, after coming in with just three over four games. The Eagles had more sacks than the Jets had points! Woof.

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Falk also threw two interceptions, while Eagles QB Carson Wentz threw zero.

But it wasn’t all bad! The Jets also broke a few of football’s saddest streaks: consecutive non-converted third downs, and consecutive possessions without scoring a point.

Ending those streaks? Good! Starting those streaks to begin with? Very bad!

The Jets’ fourth-quarter touchdown was just their second offensive touchdown of the season. Coming into Sunday, they had more defensive touchdowns than offensive TDs, which put them in an exclusive club.

There are plenty of reasons the Jets are bad and somehow getting badder, but it doesn’t seem like head coach Adam Gase is helping. In fact, he seems to be actively making it worse. Here’s one example: QB Sam Darnold, who is recovering from mono, wasn’t ruled out until Friday, and Gase told reporters that the team had prepared for both Darnold and Falk starting in practice. It turns out that Darnold got all the first-team reps on Wednesday and Thursday, and Falk got none.

That’s a mind-blowing lack of foresight, no matter how “smart” the Jets think Falk is. When you take Falk’s lack of preparedness — which was engineered by Gase — and combine it with Gase’s blundering play-calling, you get a game like Sunday’s, which continued the Jets’ years-long descent into suckitude and irrelevance.

If Darnold comes back in Week 6, things might get better for the Jets. Who knows how long Gase will last. If he can’t find a way to prepare his team better so it can avoid embarrassments like Sunday’s, it might not be for much longer.

New York Jets quarterback Luke Falk had a rough day, and week. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
New York Jets quarterback Luke Falk had a rough day, and week. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

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