Jets’ Mike White asks Cowboys’ Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush for tips on beating Vikings | You Pod to Win the Game

Yahoo Sports Charles Robinson and Jori Epstein discuss the 7-4 Jets showdown in Minnesota against the 9-2 Vikings. Can Mike White continue his great play from last week’s win over the Bears? The Jets quarterback asked for pointers from his former Cowboys’ teammates. Hear the full conversation on the You Pod to Win the Game podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: Jets go to Vikings. You know, Mike White, we are going to find out. I think you and I were texting earlier, and I said it would be like the most Jetsy thing for everybody to pile on the Mike White bandwagon and be like, oh, Mike White, we love this guy.

And ah, Zach Wilson, oh, my god, look it. He looks like a hobbit wearing his hoodie in the rain. And then Mike White just completely, like, completely turn into a frog against the Vikings. And then there's just like that awkwardness of, like, what do we do now? What happens now with Zach Wilson?

I think it's imperative, absolutely imperative, for Mike White-- and I'm going to say Mike White, not the Jets, but Mike White go out there and have a game where he doesn't have that four-interception game. Remember, that's really what popped him last year. Had the four-interception game, he was like, oh, my god, no, wait a minute.

I think he's just got to play a good solid game. Win or loss, don't become a turnover machine. I don't think he has to go out and throw for another 315 yards and light it up or anything. I just think he's got to show up and be good, play within himself.

Like Robert Saleh said, we don't need him to be anything but Mike White. We don't need him to be like a gunslinger out there, or whatever. I mean, do you see it any other way? Are you just like, no, forget it. Gas pedal, you know, let's go and see what the guy can do.

JORI EPSTEIN: Yeah, that's what's interesting when you think about it. OK, well, he had 300 yards, three touchdowns last week, and then it's like 405 yards and three touchdowns again Cincy last year.

I was actually talking to Dak Prescott in the Cowboys locker room today, and I asked him about it because Mike White was drafted by the Cowboys in 2018. He was here in the fifth round. He was here all of the 2018 season and the offseason and training camp 2019.

And I'm like, do you guys pay attention? I asked Dak and Cooper Rush both. And Mike White actually, apparently, group texted Dak and Cooper this week and was like, hey, any tips for putting up 40 against the Vikings? Like, what should I know? Which I thought was super fun.

And another thing Dak was telling me-- and I haven't looked at the numbers yet-- he's like, he believed that when Mike White had his 400-yard game last year, like, his yards per attempt were, like, nothing over 8, or something like that.

And it was like, this idea of when Robert Saleh says he makes the easy look easy, it's like, if you can make the right decisions, play smart football, not go over the top trying to make these aggressive, crazy plays, and just let your playmakers do their thing, especially when you have the defense you have right now, you start to see what we saw, which is a functional Jets offense.

And I think that that's really what they're looking for out of him. So it'll be interesting. I mean, look, when you're going against a team like the Vikings, we saw even with Josh Allen, like, Patrick Peterson and some of their guys on that defense are really a threat.

But on the other hand, like, that team has kind of been, like, hanging on the edge for part of the season. And if the Jets can affect Kirk Cousins and get up to a lead early like the Cowboys did, then I really do think it's going to be a good day for Mike White.

CHARLES ROBINSON: How about the little run the Cowboys had? It was like 2017, 2018. Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush, Mike White. Like, look, hey, Cooper Rush-- just-- I mean, even if he is what we saw--

JORI EPSTEIN: He's a good backup at the very least.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Right, if he's at the very least a good backup who can come in and win you some games, keep it-- I mean, that's a $6, $7 million a year player now in the NFL if you have a backup who can come in and win two or three games the season for you. Mike White? Maybe he's the same thing, or maybe he's a low-level starter, mid-level starter.

Like, little tip of the cap to the Cowboys for finding a starting quarterback in the fourth round, a really high-level backup who was undrafted, in Cooper Rush, and then in the fifth round, a Mike White, who might be high-level backup, might be low-level starter, mid-level starter. We're finding it out. Maybe some more teams should ask the Cowboys about picking a quarterback.