Jets' Mike LaFleur compares Elijah Moore to Brandin Cooks while discussing WR's role after NFL trade deadline

Elijah Moore cropped 12/5/21
Elijah Moore cropped 12/5/21

Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur echoed head coach Robert Saleh's sentiments this week about wide receiver Elijah Moore and New York's need to get him more involved as an offensive playmaker after the NFL trade deadline.

In fact, while doing so, LaFleur compared Moore to nine-year veteran and Houston Texans wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

"I don't think he's capped at, really, anything," LaFleur said of Moore's potential. "I mean, I think he can do a lot of a lot of stuff, right? When we put him where we put him a year ago, I thought he had a tremendous five-, six-game span -- he was doing good stuff before that, too, but really statistically hit it off in that five-to-six-game span, unfortunately went out and he was a huge, explosive machine for us.

"I always kind of use the comparison of Brandin Cooks, in terms of he can run really fast for that 15-to-20 yards and stop on a dime. And I think Joe's talked about that, Flacco, before -- just how well he stops. So when you can run really fast and you get defenses turning, you get into that intermediate level for explosives, he did that at a very high rate a year ago.

"And I felt like he was so close in Game 3, Game 4 to have some more of those explosive plays that -- for one reason or another, it just didn't come out that way. So, again, he's not limited in anything he can do. It was a role that we felt like he'll continue to be really food at, but again, we're always going to be fluid. We're always going to be moving people around -- 'cause once you get good at that, they know that. And now you've got to, again, put 'em in other positions to be successful and get production."

Moore requested a trade last month but remains with the Jets after Tuesday's deadline.

He addressed his situation following Sunday's 22-17 loss to the New England Patriots, keeping a team-first mentality.

"And while I'm here, I want to do the best I can," Moore said. "I want to help my teammates out. I love all my brothers. We didn't get the win today, but we're trying to focus on the next game."

Evidently, LaFleur has seen Moore's approach continue.

"I've really liked his approach and I think he's in a great mindset to go help this team win football games," LaFleur said.